Chocolate Irish Whiskey

Flavor of The Month

Flavor Of The Month

For this month we honor St. Paddy’s Day with a few of our special favorites. Our Irish Cream Cheesecake is a blend of tasty, rich Irish Cream added to our signature creamy cheesecake. We then enhance the crust by using a mix of graham crackers with chocolate cookies. It can only get better being topped with chocolate cookie pieces for a little added chocolaty goodness. This is the perfect taste to highlight your St. Paddy’s celebration or just a great way to cure those winter blues. We also feature our Chocolate Irish Whiskey Cheesecake. It is a blend of Dark Belgian chocolate melted with Irish whiskey before it is swirled in with our signature plain creamy cheesecake. This makes for a unique look and distinctive chocolaty flavor with a hint of an Irish kick. All of this is layered into our buttery graham cracker crust to form this perfect blend. A fan favorite, this cheesecake is sure to be the chocolate lover’s cheesecake. Both flavors will always give you a St. Paddy’s Day smile!